Teatro dei Fauni


Play and get involved

Giving life to objects, listen to stories, give voice, all this helps us to improve our relationship with the world, to communicate with others and to express, through the game, those parts of ourselves that we may have overlooked.
A range of workshops for adults and children of different ages as well as for teachers: what do they have in common? The aim is not to train the actors or puppeteers expert, the workshops are designed to stimulate the innate creativity of the human being by offering a platform and technical tools to spontaneous and joyful expression that may contribute to the personal and group growth.

The programs are designed to develop imagination, the use of the body, the voice and the manual nature of the people. The method is based on the game and the pleasure of inventing stories, objects and situations. The theatre games and drama can be directed to the creation of a collective piece, or remain free expression and group research.
In the courses for teachers and leaders, the experience is complemented by theory.

The specific objectives, duration, number of participants and location shall be determined from time to time with our partners. The six laboratories described are examples.

Direttrice artistica
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